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about the project

  about the project The Migrant Assembly The Migrant Assembly is  a device for encounters that articulates people, projects, spaces and temporalities for opening up and making visible to the community the experiences and realities of migrants. Devised by the artistic duo Bobrikova & de Carmen, this work

assembly #3

     assembly #3 Round Table Cooking: The Neighbourhood Meeting is the title for a public event in Oslo, Tøyen, in the small park at the end of Håkan’s gate. The event will be organised as a neighbourhood meeting on a Sunday afternoon. The event is based

assembly #2

      assembly #2 Reunión is composed of various acts that involve conversation, reading and writing: daily actions –though at the same time out of the ordinary- that always involve being face to face. Dani Zelko writes down poems that others dictate to him. They dictate

assembly #1

  assembly #1   PARTICIPATORY IMAGINARIES FOR REST AND THE FUTURE OF RETIREMENT is a one-day assembly in public space focusing on interrogating the current retirement policies for Norway’s artists. In particular for non-EU/EEA artists living and working in the country as professionals who lack the right to